Documentary wedding photography

by Rikke Knuth & Jon Detlefsen


Have you also noticed fairytales aren’t real and that reality’s way more real and long lasting?

Based in the Aarhus area, Denmark, we document weddings all over the country and we also do destination weddings. 

We photograph your wedding for real. No staging. The fun moments. The touching moments. The crazy moments. And the awkward ones.

The real moments on one of the most important days of your life.

Our Style

Our photographic style is based on classic documentary photography. But our boundaries are broad and we don’t follow many photographic rules.

We make candid shots of the people and the events unfolding right in front of us. What happens in reality is so much more fun, interesting and memorable than anything directed, posed or staged.

With our unique visual storytelling style we document your most special day in one batch of photographs as it really happened. Like you’re right back on the day with your family and friends.

Visual expression

Even though we’re documentary photographers photographing candid we also focus on creating a visual pleasent expression.

This is our passion, and being creative people we do love to create shots from your wedding that are both true to the candid documantery style and at the same time are visually appealing to you.

We’d love to see you smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear when re-experiencing the greatest of your days in our photographic work.

So, please do contact us with any questions regarding our work and let us document your future wedding.

The Wedding Studio - because life is real!