Do we have to sell the car to afford hiring you?

No, don’t worry – probably only the little number two car. Prices start at €1600 for a half day coverage and €2400 for a full day wedding coverage. Prices may vary depending on our transportation, accommodation and your custom choices. Contact us and together we’ll customize a package that suits you perfect. 

Do you offer custom packages for destination weddings?

We sure do – we love travelling and we would love to join you on your big adventure. Contact us and together we’ll customize a package that suits you perfect.

How would you describe your style?

We are documentary wedding photographers and we make candid non staged images of your wedding. We do have an eye for the fun, touching, awkward and crazy moments in between, where you, your family and your guests are just yourselves. Read more about our approach here.  

Do we get color or black and white images?

You’ll get both. We do both color and black and white images depending on the situation and what we believe suits the images. It may vary and we’ll evaluate it from situation to situation. Write us and let’s have a talk about it. 

How and when do we receive our photos?

You will receive a batch of high resolution images online which are then available for download and printing. Post production typically takes 4 weeks. You can choose additional images, prints and photo albums. 

Who can we expect to meet?

We are down to earth and not formal. We love a good laugh and we love a good party. We love our job and we’re excited of all the amazing people we meet because of it. We love getting to know you and to tell your unique story. We believe we are some of the luckiest people on earth living out our dream as documentary wedding photographers. More about us here.

What’s your dream clients like?

Our dream clients love living their lives without too much fuss. They don’t hang themselves in details that, in the bigger picture, seem unimportant. And they are open minded, trustworthy and believe in their choices.

They know and value the importance of photography and are aware what it is worth. They hire us because they trust us and believe in what we stand for. They seek the authentic photography, the non staged, non posed story telling photography focusing on documenting their big day from our unique perspective and interpretation based on who we are as photographers and human beings.

And they are just down to earth life loving human beings like us.    

 What equipment do you use?

Fujifilm – we LOVE our compact, silent and absolutely amazing high performance Fujifilm gear!

Will you cry at our wedding?

Yes we probably will…

Don’t hesitate if you have any further questions – write us here