Who are we?


“I have a weakness for good wine and food, especially Italian, getting up early in the morning when the rest of the city is still sleeping or waking up. It’s so quiet.

My family and closest friends are the most important people in my life, I get so much energy and love just being with them. I really love that!

One of my biggest concerns is Mother nature’s wellbeing and how we, and generations before us have, and still are treating her. As a child I never thought I would grow up in a world where animals would disappear from the earth, extinct. That really breaks my heart.

I love traveling, meeting new cultures, people and of cause food, discovering new places and revisiting old ones – could live in a suitcase, ready for new adventures to come my way.

I love life and wouldn’t miss out anything!”


“I have a weakness for good whisky, staying up late, not following the rules and reading books. My two girls are the most important people in my life.

I like spending time in the mountains somewhere detaching, relaxing, and reminiscing. I also like getting lost in the crowd in a big city where the solitude feels as thick as in the mountains. I fear an unpeaceful world. I fear for my daughters well being.

I believe we humans are all the same. We have the same basic dreams of living in peace close to the ones we love, of staying healthy and of finding happiness of some sort. I don’t feel I belong anywhere I feel I belong everywhere.

I can be as funny as I appear serious, even grumpy. I get emotional and cry over both stupid little things and big things that are not stupid. I love listening to music till the morning light calls me back to reality. I love laughing. I love life.”